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15 Outrageous Ideas For Your Cardboard Boxes

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Do you want you children to have a creative activity? Then you can use cardboard boxes. With the help of these boxes, your child can prepare beautiful vehicles, bells, whistles, flowers and various other things. It will increase the creativity of your kids and give them a chance to polish their inner talents. From creative handbags to gift cards and houses are numerous things that you can design with cardboard boxes. If you have surplus nappy boxes, tissue boxes and cereal boxes in your home, you can use them to make various items. There are various smart things that you can do with cardboard boxes like you could use them as packaging boxes if you plan on moving house.

1) Handwritten Card

With the help of cardboard, you can make a handwritten card because these personalised cards always get appreciation. You can cut original boxes in the shape of the card and decorate these cards to greet your friends and family members. You can write your personalise wishes on birthday cards, greeting cards and thank you cards.

2) Dinner Circles

Whip up one set of cardboard napkin rings and wrap with a plastic roll. You can use fabric glue or any other printed cloth to wrap around this ring. You can also make a napkin holder with the help of cardboard and paint it with different colours.

3) Decorate Your Garden with Cardboard Boxes

Only dress up your cardboard box with various embellishments and line it with one plastic bag along with some drainage holes. It will be a beautiful house for your plant. Let your kids decorate these boxes to increase the beauty of your garden.

4) Children Play

To enhance the motor skills of your younger ones, let them cut these cardboard boxes in colourful shapes. You can guide them to cut different shapes and colour these shapes. Let your kids experiment with these cardboard boxes and appreciate them for their efforts.

5) Stylish Storage

With the help of cardboard boxes, you can make a smart storage. You can use spray adhesive and screw bolts to hold the structure and cover your room with paper or fabric. You can give them desired shape and keep in your laundry or kitchen.

6) Cat Scratch

Do you own a cat? Then you should make this cat scratch for them. It will help you to protect furniture of your use. Collect cardboard boxes and make a round scratch fever. Paint the outer rim and a beautiful cat scratch is ready.

7) A-Maze-ing

A cardboard maze will be a creative way to play with your kids. You can cut doorways of big boxes and join them with the help of durable plastic clips. Set them in a way to make a maze. Your children will love to play in this maze. Feel free to paint this maze and put some gifts in different corners to increase the fun of this game.

8) Coasting Along

It requires a coloured duct tape to work on this project, cardboard, and scissors. You can make this beautiful item protect your floor and even use them as furniture sliders. It will take a few minutes to design these coasting for your personal use.

9) Beautiful Tags

With the help of cardboard boxes, you can make different labels for grocery boxes, kitchen items, bags and containers around your house. These cardboard cards are easy to make and enable you to mark your important stuff.

10) Solution for Weed Problem

Cardboard is a compostable material; therefore, you can use it as a natural solution to get rid of weeds. It is simple, just put flat pieces of your cardboards on the weed-prone area, water thoroughly to fix them to their place. Now, add mulch or soil on the top of camouflage your cardboard.

11) Beautiful Crafting

Cardboards are perfect for any crafting project, such as you can make a playhouse, tool box, garden house, and room for unnecessary items, small grocery store for kids and many others. You can use cardboards for crafting in different ways so experiment with cardboard boxes.

12) Creative Files

Cereal boxes around you will help you to make beautiful and stylish cover for your magazine files. You can decorate these covers with fabric or paper. These are perfect for instant organisation of your magazines and newspaper. You can design a magazine holder with the help of cardboard boxes.

13) Party Decoration

Instead of wasting your money on party store to buy items for decoration, you can get the advantage of cardboard boxes. Cut these boxes in different shapes and use glue to make flowers, petals and other ornaments.

14) Wall Art

Use blank cardboard boxes as a canvas for painting. You can paint these ugly boxes and decorate them with flowers and ribbons. These will help you to decorate your walls in a better way without increasing your expense. These cardboard boxes are even right to make creative photo frames.

15) Bird Feeder

Use cardboard of toilet paper rolls to design the base of the bird feeder. Wrap it with peanut butter and spread different bird seeds on this board. Slip a ribbon or string through this roll and hang on a tree near your window. You will notice beautiful birds sitting near your window.
Moreover, you can design handbags with cardboard boxes and decorate them with ribbons and beads. Gift bags of cardboard boxes will be a good idea. You can decorate these boxes and fill them with great goodies. Send these gift boxes to your friends and family members to surprise them on various occasions. A photo frame of cardboard will be a good idea. You can decorate this frame with glitters and plastic flowers. In short, recycle cardboard boxes around you with the help of your children. It is essential for them to improve their creativity and motor skills. These will require your time, but help you to save lots of money. You can make kitchen containers, gift boxes, tags, dividers, file covers and various other items. Try these ideas today and have fun with your kids. ?

If you think you have no time for any of these creative things, then you can consider handing them over to a cardboard collection company.

Are you interested in fashion? Then you should take a look at my other article about WHICH COLOURS SHOULD YOU WEAR IN SUMMERS?

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Which colours should you wear in summers?

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Summer is the time to put your heavy winter clothes in the wardrobe and forget about them for a few months. In summer you should feel completely light and free and wear only the clothes that make you feel in a comfortable way.

colourful summer

The trendy colours often change completely from summer to summer but in general, the suitable colours for this season are the light and fresh ones like yellow, red, pink, purple, green and others.


Yellow is an extremely vivid colour which is full of energy. With it, you will look in a fresh and positive way. You can combine it with a variety of other colours – orange, red, white and others. This sunny colour is especially suitable for the ones who love to attract the attention on them. It is an excellent choice for accessories – shoes, bags, scarves, sun hats and others as well. The most thing I like is that to combine it with red and orange because they are so joyful.


This ‘Barbie’ colour is not my favourite at all, but it was quite trendy during the last few summers. It is fresh, and you can combine it with white to make it not that intrusive. However, if you are looking for really eye-catching appearance, you can mix it with yellow.


For me, this is the perfect summer colour. It is fresh, joyful and kind of stylish. I have lots of orange tops, skirts, bags and jewels in my wardrobe and it is easy to combine them with other clothes and accessories. You can put on an orange top and jeans or an orange skirt and white top and many others. Orange is also the colour I prefer for my nail polish in the summer.



White is the universal summer colour because you can combine it with everything. White is a great addition to ‘screaming’ colours like yellow and pink but also makes great combinations with red, green and others. The best thing for wearing white in the summer is wearing white makes you feel cooler, as white can reject the sunlight. The problem with white is that it gets dirty easily and in a very obvious way. So, it quickly loses its charm because of the dirt in the public places or because of the stains of ice cream, fruit and other cooling foods and beverages that we all eat a lot in summer. I prefer to avoid white trousers and skirts and wear white T-shirts which make me sweat less and feel more comfortable. But I try to be very careful when I eat or drink something.


A gentle colour and you can successfully combine it with white, green and others. For example, a purple dress with white shoes and accessory will be a perfect choice for the hot summer day.

Avoid Dark Colours

Some people love to wear dark clothes because they make them look slimmer or for some other reasons, but these colours are not suitable for the hot hours in the summer. They attract the sunlight and make you get overheated which is extremely dangerous if you have some health problems such as low or high blood pressure, a chronical disease, etc. Meanwhile, it is easier for you to collapse if your body becomes too hot which is quite likely in summer. So, do not risk your health and choose some lighter colours for your clothing.

If you insist on dark colours, you can wear them in the evening when there is no direct sunlight to attract. Moreover, it becomes cooler in the evenings at the seaside and in the mountains, so you will probably need something warmer to put on.

What Were the Trendy Summer Colours in 2015?

This summer was usually colourful, and the trendy colours were not a surprise. Red, green, yellow, pink, blue and white in various nuance dominated in the fashion world. They were preferred in the clothes and the accessories, so the shops were again full of pink and yellow and so on tops, trousers, hats, bags and shoes. Nothing surprising, indeed, since these colours are very suitable for the hot days.

What will be the Trendy Summer Colour Nuances in 2016?

For the ones that are keen on fashion, let us have a look at the expected fashion trends. The modern colours of the coming summer are expected to be gentle and feminine.

The Seaside colour palette will change by a sensuous selection of mid-tones – Bubblegum pink and shades of Coral and Melon, as well as Orchid and Aqua which will be emerging fashion colours. Also, Custard as a lively but not overly saturated shade of yellow will be modern together with Chartreuse.

Jewel tones will remain stylish for the next spring-summer season. Nuances of red and green will be popular – Burgundy, Ruby, Evergreen, Dark Teal colours, Navy, Indigo and Grape purple as a new modern trend.

The Desert Bloom colour palette is composed of some colours, such as Khaki, Hazy Taupe and Twine, Roast, Olive, Rust, Copper, Soldier Blue, Moonstone and Pine, Marigold which is a yellow with significant orange influence, Persimmon and others.

The Soft Nostalgia colour palette will include pastels – Blue Hydrangea, Chambray, nuances of pink such as Peony to whitened Ice Pink, peach tinted Rose Champagne and purple-casted Lilac. In this group, you will also find Wisteria Purple, Lemon Chiffon, Sea Glass Green, Ecru and Bone and others.

The Backyard Brights will include both warm and cold nuances such as Spring Green, Grass, Canary, Candy, Electric Blue and others.



If you are far away from fashion, however, and you just do not care about trendy and fancy nuances, just stick to your favourite colours but prefer the light shades. You should feel comfortable with the clothes you wear. Remember that dark colours might lead to the overheating of your body, so avoid them, especially during the hottest hours. Summer is a bright and joyful season, so as your clothes.